Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Revisit the Past

This is going to be a long post with many, many pictures because I cannot simply tell you. You have to see and experience for yourself.
Yesterday I was talking to my sister and we got on the subject of Polly Pocket. Don't ask me how-I couldn't tell ya. Anyway, during this discussion I told her that when I was little I loved my Polly Pockets and how little they were. She had never seen little Polly Pockets. So I yelled "WHAT? Follow me!!" She chased after me and we ended up in my room with a box. I dragged it out from under the bed, cracked open the lid, and grabbed this:

Look at that! That fits in a pocket! Not this:

How am I supposed to fit 1 Polly, 4 dogs, 2 lawn chairs, and a table in my pocket? No can do! But I can fit this little guy in my pocket. He is the size of my thumb nail:

After teaching Mariah the ways of Vintage Polly, she reached into the box and pulled out this:

What is it? You may not think its anything special, but it is. It is.


Fairy Winkles are my favorite above all else. Even more than Polly Pockets.

If I wasn't in college, I would still carry these around in my purse and play with them during class. I did it 1st grade, I might do it again.
While I was practically tearing up over good memories, Mariah got bored with Fairy Winkles and pulled out this, to which I screeched with joy. This was my hamster/gerbil toy. You put them in the top, they slide down the orange tube, over the teeter-totter, and into the merry-go-round where it literally goes 'round.

It came with these 4:

I loved them...I had a fetish with small things when I was little (in case you can't tell)

I gave each of them a name and then wrote the name on their bottom's.
The next item that came out was something I will forever cherish no matter how old I get.
My Pound Kittens with their droopy eyes:

I had a cardboard box lined with a blanket that I kept them in.

The last item that came out gave me a good laugh as well as some good memories. This was my baby doll. I named her Wobble Head because....

...she had a seriously wobbly head (how creative of me, I couldn't even give her a real name):

Like a real infant, her head rolled around unless you held it in place.
I held all of my items close to my heart trying to explain the happiness to Mariah. I don't think she really cared, but gee wiz that was a trip down memory lane!
Thank you for joining me on this trip, lets do it again sometime. I didn't even tell you about my blue teddy bear!


TJ said...

That was a way fun trip down memory lane. I remember how much you loved those things.

Carrie said...

It's always fun to go down memory lane. Those are the best memories!
You are right about the Polly pockets, they aren't as good, they are not pocket size anymore!
Thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

I LOVE doing this! Finding old things from your childhood is the best.

Rye said...

I did care...in fact I thought they were perfectly awesome. I just wasn't as squealy about them.

Tae said...

You should show your things to me. I want to see the hamster thing and the little polly pockets.