Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Deer

I ran into a deer. A deer ran into me.

I was just driving and minding my own business at 2'o'clock in the afternoon when a deer ran head-first into my car. So I swerved. Then realized I was soon to hit oncoming traffic, so I swerved back....and the lovely deer bounced off me for a second time. And he took my mirror! Took it! And dented my car! Dented it!

And...there was deer googie on my car. And deer hair. Fur? Hair? Either is stuck in the crevices of my car. There is no way I am pulling that disease-infested stuff out. If he wants it back, he is going to have to come get it

So after we collided, I pulled over and looked in my rear-view mirror only to see him/her run off. Now we all know that I am a calm, cool, collected being. So in my put-together nature, I called my dad.


"Hi Dad. You busy?"

"Nope, what can I do for ya?"

*sobbing ensues* "I hit a deer" *continue heart-wrenching sobs*

"What?! Are you okay?! Is your car okay? Come down to work and see me!"

"Okay" *sob, sob, sniff, sob*

Don't worry. I'm okay now...I'm just a little gun-shy when I get near the canyon.


Bri said...

AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! How scary! I did that on canyon road, too! Except for mine was a ram. He looked at me like, "oh, sorry. was that MY fault?!" Stupid animal.

I pulled off the road into a parking lot and examined my car. No damage, just a bunch of hair or fur or whatever they have on my car. Disgusting. It definitely rattled me a little bit, but my car was fine and so I was fine. And I had to get to class.

I'm so sorry it busted your car, though. How inconsiderate of that darn deer! They think they own the land or something. Well, who do they think they are?!

You're such a good story-teller, though, so despite your misfortune, I laughed my head off reading about your adventure :)

TJ said...

I'm thinking this isn't a picture of "the deer" I right? She probably didn't look so cool, calm, and collected. And what was it you called it "deer juice?" Ewwwww!!!

Tae said...

The fur on your car was disgusting! I bet it was nerve racking to have a deer hit you!