Thursday, February 21, 2013


I have had adventures in the past while that I have failed to blog for a variety of reasons:
1. I am just way too lazy
2. I have had homework
3. I forget
4. I am seriously so lazy
5. Nobody is pressuring me

So there.  But now I am in a productive mood (and not the productive homework kind of mood) so here are some pictures from my adventures. Kate and I went down on a quick weekend trip to Zion National Park.  We hiked Angel's Landing (a steep and cliffy hike that drops off 1200 feet on one side and 800 feet on the other) and I died. Twice.  But it was absolutely beautiful.
We ate peanut butter on Oreo's at the top of the climb 
This was supposed to be our Christmas card for 2012 but it never quite came to fruition.
Do you see how steep that is? Those chains are not there for funsies.  They are there to keep you alive.  If you lost your grip you will fall off the edge and die. Not a joke, people. Not a joke. 
After this Zion adventure I went back down two weeks later with my dad.  This was one of the first things we saw: 
*cue muffled screams
Then we got to go through the tunnel. It is this tunnel that they basically blew through the mountain.  It is absolutely black inside with the occasional "window" to the world.  This is what one of those windows looks like from the road below:
And this is what one of those windows looks like from the tunnel: