Saturday, February 27, 2010

When the Moon Hits Your Eyes...

Like a FRUIT pizza pie, that's amore!

What a wonderful Friday night activity...and delicious too!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Still Not Sure

I have had them since before Christmas. They are my bangs. I still am not sure whether I love them or not. So I decided to blog and get opinions. However, there was a problem. Here are the facts:
1. New camera at Jenna's apartment
2. Manual at Jenna's parent's house
3. Spanish manual at Jenna's apartment
4. Jenna happens to know Spanish
5. Jenna reads through Spanish manual and learns how to do the timer
6. Jenna has focus issues
7. Jenna's bangs have a little hissy fit
8. Jenna gets frustrated
9. Perfect bangs shot...weirdy face
10. Jenna has HUGE eyes
Anyways....Keep the bangs? Or stick with the open forehead look? (see picture below)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Revisit the Past

This is going to be a long post with many, many pictures because I cannot simply tell you. You have to see and experience for yourself.
Yesterday I was talking to my sister and we got on the subject of Polly Pocket. Don't ask me how-I couldn't tell ya. Anyway, during this discussion I told her that when I was little I loved my Polly Pockets and how little they were. She had never seen little Polly Pockets. So I yelled "WHAT? Follow me!!" She chased after me and we ended up in my room with a box. I dragged it out from under the bed, cracked open the lid, and grabbed this:

Look at that! That fits in a pocket! Not this:

How am I supposed to fit 1 Polly, 4 dogs, 2 lawn chairs, and a table in my pocket? No can do! But I can fit this little guy in my pocket. He is the size of my thumb nail:

After teaching Mariah the ways of Vintage Polly, she reached into the box and pulled out this:

What is it? You may not think its anything special, but it is. It is.


Fairy Winkles are my favorite above all else. Even more than Polly Pockets.

If I wasn't in college, I would still carry these around in my purse and play with them during class. I did it 1st grade, I might do it again.
While I was practically tearing up over good memories, Mariah got bored with Fairy Winkles and pulled out this, to which I screeched with joy. This was my hamster/gerbil toy. You put them in the top, they slide down the orange tube, over the teeter-totter, and into the merry-go-round where it literally goes 'round.

It came with these 4:

I loved them...I had a fetish with small things when I was little (in case you can't tell)

I gave each of them a name and then wrote the name on their bottom's.
The next item that came out was something I will forever cherish no matter how old I get.
My Pound Kittens with their droopy eyes:

I had a cardboard box lined with a blanket that I kept them in.

The last item that came out gave me a good laugh as well as some good memories. This was my baby doll. I named her Wobble Head because....

...she had a seriously wobbly head (how creative of me, I couldn't even give her a real name):

Like a real infant, her head rolled around unless you held it in place.
I held all of my items close to my heart trying to explain the happiness to Mariah. I don't think she really cared, but gee wiz that was a trip down memory lane!
Thank you for joining me on this trip, lets do it again sometime. I didn't even tell you about my blue teddy bear!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Deer

I ran into a deer. A deer ran into me.

I was just driving and minding my own business at 2'o'clock in the afternoon when a deer ran head-first into my car. So I swerved. Then realized I was soon to hit oncoming traffic, so I swerved back....and the lovely deer bounced off me for a second time. And he took my mirror! Took it! And dented my car! Dented it!

And...there was deer googie on my car. And deer hair. Fur? Hair? Either is stuck in the crevices of my car. There is no way I am pulling that disease-infested stuff out. If he wants it back, he is going to have to come get it

So after we collided, I pulled over and looked in my rear-view mirror only to see him/her run off. Now we all know that I am a calm, cool, collected being. So in my put-together nature, I called my dad.


"Hi Dad. You busy?"

"Nope, what can I do for ya?"

*sobbing ensues* "I hit a deer" *continue heart-wrenching sobs*

"What?! Are you okay?! Is your car okay? Come down to work and see me!"

"Okay" *sob, sob, sniff, sob*

Don't worry. I'm okay now...I'm just a little gun-shy when I get near the canyon.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Friday Night Part 2

Well first off- here is my excuse. I have a 7 am class so I usually come home pretty tired on Friday nights. This particular Friday was no exception. I came home and was invited to a party which I politely declined. I was not feeling well and I most certainly did not want to party it up. So I went to my room, laid on my bed, and fell asleep. After napping for a sufficient amount of time, I woke to a beautiful 11 pm.
I was hungry. I wanted Wendy's. But goodness knows going through the Wendy's drive-thru by yourself on a Friday night (on a college campus) is as pathetic as it gets. So I stayed home. I had a sore throat so I decided to eat a nice, cold ice cream sandwich. Then another one. Then, because the cold felt so good on my throat, I wanted to suck on ice chips or something.
We don't have ice. Our freezer is full of everything else you could ever imagine, but not ice. And goodness knows that going through the drive-thru of Wendy's on a Friday night (alone) and only asking for a cup filled with ice is definitely as pathetic as it gets, I stayed home.
Nobody was home so I, being the ambitious person that I am, started a movie. I watched Definitely, Maybe. And one cute (albeit LONG) movie later, I wound up with four other people watching the movie with me. Two eating Wendy's, two eating Sonic. Dang it.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday Night Part 1

This is a two part series because, well, it happened in two parts. This is the first part. Where I went to dinner with my grandma. We went to Applebee's, which I always confuse with Chiles....
Anyway, these are my observations.
We were seated in a booth with the table up to our ears (we are both fairly short). The first thing I noticed was the couple across the walkway and up one table from us. They each had a Coke and a magazine. They weren't saying one word to each other, just reading their respective magazines and sipping Cokes. I can't quite comprehend that. Why even go out in the first place? Why pay upwards of 4 dollars for a Coke when you can just buy a two-liter for 1 dollar and not have to leave a tip for your cashier?
After a few minutes of observing this couple, my ears (and then eyes) were drawn to the party directly across from us. It was an older couple with another older man across from them. The man that was there with his wife reminded me of my grandpa. He had a tone that you just couldn't ignore and he seemed to have strong opinions. The two men were arguing about China and it's different "races". Does China have more than one Chinese race? Because they weren't discussing whether it did or did not. No. They were discussing how many there were. Was it 5? or 6? I just can't seem to remember now.
By this point, we had ordered and our food had been brought to us. We talked and ate and talked. The waitress came by and asked us how the food was. I had just bitten into a carrot, but I opened my mouth to answer. And I drooled. I drooled right onto my jacket. And there was a small piece of broccoli in my drool. Could that BE more flattering? After I recovered from one of my most embarrassing moments ever, two women were escorted to the booth directly in front of us. They were fresh from England. What a pair those two were! Me thinks they were tipsy...and then they ordered martinis.
After dinner, we drove back to my grandma's house and said our goodbyes. I was so tired and wanted a nap, but thats getting into part two...