Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My, my, my...has it been a week already? A message from my friend Florence:

Hi everyone! If you care to know, Jenna and I have been friends since 7th grade. and I must tell you about Jenna's first true love! In either 8th or 9th grade, Jenna and I walked home, and in one of those lovely afternoons we came across a male specimen. He was odd looking, I thought so at least, but not Jenna. For her he was an angel, it was love at first sight actually. Everyday on our journey to the center of the earth, Jenna's boyfriend, as we named him, would say "hi" to Jenna, and as he did he would gaze into her eyes, and she into his. They would gaze into each others eyes like a cheesy movie. Although it was awkward for me, I could do nothing except pretend like I didn't want to die. And I wish I could say that they lived happily ever after, but they only broke into songs every once in awhile. I can tell you that they did reunite in high school. Now, once again they are separated. So if Jenna seems like a bitter old hag at times its because her true love will forever hold her heart. Please stay tuned for more stories about Jenna's past.

Note from Jenna: that is all a lie

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some of my Favorite Movie Quotes

"Insanity runs in my family, in fact, it practically gallops!"
"Thats not a little slit, thats a big slit!"
"Keep it up! You'll have the shortest eulogy in history."
"Complaints! Complaints! All I hear are complaints! I could complain a little too. Do you ever cut your toenails?"
"What kind of wine are you serving at table 4?"
"I don't think of you as a woman, Eunice...I think of you as, well, Eunice"
"'Lets not say goodbye, lets just say au revoir.' 'No, lets say goodbye.'"
"'That man tried to molest me!' 'Thats...unbelievable.'"
"Why didn't you tell me he had such lustrous hairs!"
"Underneath these clothes there is a man, and inside the man there is his....nucleus."
"You can hit me all day cuz you punch like a what? A girl!"
"Sir, your attitude is not helping one bit at all"
"Now look what you did! You made me smash my lifesavers!"
"'How did you get up here so fast?' 'Secret tunnels...'"
"I don't know why people are always judging me because I have not been baptized"
"My mom drove me here just kidding shes missing just kidding she's dead just kidding she's alive but I don't wanna talk to her just kidding she's here with me just kidding she's sitting next to me just kidding just kidding just kidding..."
"What are you smokin'?' I'm not smokin' I'm breathin'!"
" leave my legacy: We will start with the perfect omelette made with two eggs, not three. Some people add milk for density. This is a mistake!"
"Apple? No thank you! Its good...! Well, okay!"

And thats just for starters! Everyone tell me your favorite quotes!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And the Winner is...

Here she is:
Isn't she pretty? I haven't named her yet so give me your suggestions please.
Do you like the color? Check out the other awesome colors here and tell me which one you like best. Well, I am off to write a back soonish

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Great Duo

It was a dark, chilly night. It was also Thursday if that makes a difference. We went running like people do. Just me and my dad. We thought we were safe, we didn't know the threat that would present itself. As we approached the little "nature trail" at Rocky Mountain, we saw a rather large group of people dispersing. We thought nothing of it and continued on our routine. AND THEN. There they were. Just sitting there, waiting for us- as if they knew we were coming. They wanted us to try, just try and get away with it. And we certainly tried, you can't deny that. They were just sitting there asking to be taken like nobody's business. And Dad really really wanted them. We saw them and started plotting. We circled back around keeping a steady eye on them. We walked up the trail then flipped a u-ey and came back down the trail. Then we walked halfway around the trail and cut through the deep valley back to top of the trail only to make our way back again. As if to appear casual, like we were simply walking very fast. Nonchalant. We walked by several times, each time getting closer and closer to attacking and making our escape. We eyed what was left of the sparse crowd, gauging our likelyhood of success by how dark it was, how many people were left, how quiet we could be, and of course how easy it would be to take out those that were in the closest proximity.
It all came down to this one moment. We had made our final cut through the valley to make our way up to the top of the trail. We were walking down the trail, a fourth of the way there, now halfway, now three fourths. The poor woman had no idea. She came from nowhere and took them away. They had slipped through our fingers by a mere few seconds. This woman was now in serious danger. Do we take her out and steal the goods? Where would we dispose of the body? Would she scream? Passers-by? Witnesses? What about a blood trail? How would we hide the goods? And what about her car? We would have to dispose of that too, if it came to that. With all these unplanned, mind-boggling factors, we gave up and went home and ate toast.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Too Much Fun

These photos are kinda old, but I laughed when I saw them....sorry Bri
The initial reaction:

She humors me:

She gets into it:

Oh lovely, really.

Yeah...this game is way fun on a 10 hour car drive.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gone Gone Gone

Well, they all left except one. My friends (and family) deserted. AWOL. First this one:

Then these two:

(p.s. the small child does not belong to them)
And now this one:

And I don't know who they think they are or what they think they are doing...but college certainly is not as important as my wishes. Gee, if everyone is gonna up and leave, i might try my hand at traveling....WITHOUT them. HA.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Short Story of True Love from a Distance

Once there was a girl named Jenna. She went to college and was in a statistics class. Everyone in that class was old and dirty. Literally. There were mostly men in that class. Most around the age of 25 and most looked like they slept in their clothes. There were two other females in the class besides Jenna. Both married with kids and one with grandkids. (And why one would take that class at that age is beyond me, but that is beside the point.) So one day, Jenna went to class and saw in the far right corner in the back of the room, a man. This man did his hair, had discovered hygiene, and was nicely dressed. Well, considering the standard around him, he was a Greek god. So of course, the glow he gave off caught Jenna's eye. She looked at him with a critical eye trying to determine if he was really cute or if he was just the best this class could produce. She considered him all class, all day, and well into the night. The next day, Jenna went to class. There she sought out the man who had left her puzzled the day before. But he was not to be found. Jenna was slightly put out, but decided her studies were much more important than trying to figure out if someone was hot or not. Just as she was getting focused, the door opened and in walked the greek god. He had on glasses. Her knees went weak (good thing she wasn't standing). Just when she had made up her mind, this man came in wearing glasses. Now, the world knows that Jenna is a sucker for men in glasses, so for him to come into class wearing glasses was quite rude and inconsiderate. This man who she had ever so recently put out of her mind forever was now right in the front of her mind. Loud and clear, thats for sure. All she could think about was this perfect man and his perfect glasses. He was officially cute, yea even to the point of hot. Now all Jenna had to do was make this man notice her, fall in love with her, get him to ask her to marry him, and then marry him. Thats all. No big deal, many women have done it before. Right? Good. Now, women, bring me your words of wisdom. And if I get good advice....I may even post a picture of Apollo before too long (that is if I can be a good enough stalker to get one of him without his knowledge).

P.S. He is not only hot. He is in a upper-level math class which also makes him smart. See? I am not as shallow as you would like to believe.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Oh, Hello Yogurt!

This is great good stuff. Go there. Eat it. Be happy.