Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gone Gone Gone

Well, they all left except one. My friends (and family) deserted. AWOL. First this one:

Then these two:

(p.s. the small child does not belong to them)
And now this one:

And I don't know who they think they are or what they think they are doing...but college certainly is not as important as my wishes. Gee, if everyone is gonna up and leave, i might try my hand at traveling....WITHOUT them. HA.


Anonymous said...

Jenna I love you so much! Don't forget me! I will come down and visit sometime and then we can play :)

TJ said...

I'm just wondering how long until you follow suit? You and all the people you love will have so much fun when they come around for visits, though!!! Those will be great times. That will be so awesome when you and Michelle get married and have kids and run into each other when you over visiting your parents homes. Good times still ahead.

Jen said...

mom...don't say things like that. i can't have kids for like a million more years

Anonymous said...

wow a million years. I'll be dead by then. Tae