Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Great Duo

It was a dark, chilly night. It was also Thursday if that makes a difference. We went running like people do. Just me and my dad. We thought we were safe, we didn't know the threat that would present itself. As we approached the little "nature trail" at Rocky Mountain, we saw a rather large group of people dispersing. We thought nothing of it and continued on our routine. AND THEN. There they were. Just sitting there, waiting for us- as if they knew we were coming. They wanted us to try, just try and get away with it. And we certainly tried, you can't deny that. They were just sitting there asking to be taken like nobody's business. And Dad really really wanted them. We saw them and started plotting. We circled back around keeping a steady eye on them. We walked up the trail then flipped a u-ey and came back down the trail. Then we walked halfway around the trail and cut through the deep valley back to top of the trail only to make our way back again. As if to appear casual, like we were simply walking very fast. Nonchalant. We walked by several times, each time getting closer and closer to attacking and making our escape. We eyed what was left of the sparse crowd, gauging our likelyhood of success by how dark it was, how many people were left, how quiet we could be, and of course how easy it would be to take out those that were in the closest proximity.
It all came down to this one moment. We had made our final cut through the valley to make our way up to the top of the trail. We were walking down the trail, a fourth of the way there, now halfway, now three fourths. The poor woman had no idea. She came from nowhere and took them away. They had slipped through our fingers by a mere few seconds. This woman was now in serious danger. Do we take her out and steal the goods? Where would we dispose of the body? Would she scream? Passers-by? Witnesses? What about a blood trail? How would we hide the goods? And what about her car? We would have to dispose of that too, if it came to that. With all these unplanned, mind-boggling factors, we gave up and went home and ate toast.


TJ said...

I saw the remains of your unclaimed prize on the path during my walk this morning. It's probably for the best that you didn't get them...kind of defeats the purpose of exercising...don't you think?

Anonymous said...

ummm, i dont get it!!!