Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some of my Favorite Movie Quotes

"Insanity runs in my family, in fact, it practically gallops!"
"Thats not a little slit, thats a big slit!"
"Keep it up! You'll have the shortest eulogy in history."
"Complaints! Complaints! All I hear are complaints! I could complain a little too. Do you ever cut your toenails?"
"What kind of wine are you serving at table 4?"
"I don't think of you as a woman, Eunice...I think of you as, well, Eunice"
"'Lets not say goodbye, lets just say au revoir.' 'No, lets say goodbye.'"
"'That man tried to molest me!' 'Thats...unbelievable.'"
"Why didn't you tell me he had such lustrous hairs!"
"Underneath these clothes there is a man, and inside the man there is his....nucleus."
"You can hit me all day cuz you punch like a what? A girl!"
"Sir, your attitude is not helping one bit at all"
"Now look what you did! You made me smash my lifesavers!"
"'How did you get up here so fast?' 'Secret tunnels...'"
"I don't know why people are always judging me because I have not been baptized"
"My mom drove me here just kidding shes missing just kidding she's dead just kidding she's alive but I don't wanna talk to her just kidding she's here with me just kidding she's sitting next to me just kidding just kidding just kidding..."
"What are you smokin'?' I'm not smokin' I'm breathin'!"
" leave my legacy: We will start with the perfect omelette made with two eggs, not three. Some people add milk for density. This is a mistake!"
"Apple? No thank you! Its good...! Well, okay!"

And thats just for starters! Everyone tell me your favorite quotes!


Anonymous said...

I love the Whats Up Doc sayings.

TJ said...

that SNL "just kidding" act makes me laugh fact, i go to it if i need a laugh...that and my new ringtone "yo phone ringin"