Saturday, May 4, 2013

I am SO Awkward

A couple weeks ago I was at school and I saw my friend getting a drink at the drinking fountain.  I decided to sneak up behind her and scare her.  So I got my T-Rex arms going and started to sneak up on her.  I was right behind her when she turned finished getting a drink and turned to face me.  It was not my friend.  We made eye contact and I slowly put my T-Rex arms down.  Then I walked away.  Didn't smile, didn't say anything. I just walked away. Because I am that awkward.
That same night I had plans with my sister and I was waiting for her to come pick me up.  There was a bridal shower going on upstairs so I called to tell her to use the basement door instead of the front or back doors.  She didn't answer so I left her a voice mail. I knew she was coming any minute and I decided to wait in the downstairs kitchen so I could see her coming. A couple minutes later I saw her legs go past my door and head to the back door.  I  ran out my door and shouted, "Wrong door, you imbecile!" thinking I would get a good laugh over it.  Well, she turned to face me....and it was, again, not the person I expected. I don't even know who it was.  And AGAIN I didn't say anything. I just ran back inside my house and closed the door. 

What have we learned from this? 

I can't tell friends from total strangers.