Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh. My.

I am gonna tell you a secret, so don't tell anyone. Tonight I took a shower and all went well, then I got out and dried off and went to put my jammies on. Well, I grabbed someone else's underwear. I don't know who's, but they were for children. So, because it was late at night, I felt it was okay to run upstairs in my towel to grab a pair of my own personal underwear. As luck would have it, my mom was saying her prayer right between the stairs and the laundry room (where I needed to be). I figured I could sneak past and snag a pair and be back down the stairs before she was done. So I raced over to the basket of clean clothes and went digging. There was nothing of mine in there that I could see (apparently I shower too often). I was just getting to the bottom of the basket when I happened to glance up. Lo and Behold my mother is staring at me. Me wearing nothing but a towel crouched down over a basket of clean clothes. I fumbled through an explanation and she simply said, "Look in the dryer." Then she started laughing, and didn't stop. Not even after I ran to the dryer and found some underwear. As I ran for the stairs to go back to my ever-precious private bathroom, she asked "Are you embarrassed?"

Humiliated. I am humiliated, mother.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Project

This is the logo of my aunt's store. Go to it at scraptoit.com. Buy things!

And if you are wondering what the state troopers are doing tonight:
Having dinner at Wendy's.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Going, Going...GHANA!

Get it? gone-uh...Ghana? Ok, anyway. I am going to Ghana in the summer for a humanitarian project. I will spending a little over a month there working in an orphanage and I am way excited. Thank you for your attention. You are dismissed.

p.s. Ghana is in Africa

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lets Talk Rock Band

We went to Arizona and played Rock Band.
First we learned:

Then we practiced our rock moves:

Then we got down to business...

...and rocked out

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Let me just say that snow is not a bad thing, and I dont dislike it. I just don't like it either. This is my house. I am driving in this and walking to class in this. Arizona take me back!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Brill and Wee

As I always mistakenly call them. Here are pictures of them. What I did was say something like, "my dog just died" and they would come up with an emotion to fit.

Lets take a look shall we?


I have to tell my spouse I ran over the dog:

I ran over the cat:



Well, after that Will was done...

But Bri wanted to keep playing

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas '08

Well, here we are in 2009. How exciting and new! Here are some Christmas pics

We drove from freezing Utah to warm Arizona. This is what happened on the way. I call them ice-boogers. They are just growths of ice on the side of the car. Don't they just make you wanna gag?

In case you can't see, there is a little arrow pointing to the crevice that says "Grand Canyon". That means that the crevice in the picture is an actual photo of the Grand Canyon. I know, I know, elite.
These pictures are from Temple Square in Mesa. This is a pic of the temple reflecting in the- get this- Reflecting Pool.

This was way cool to me. Palm trees with lights on them. How cool is that? Very.

And this is the Christmas tree with Will keeping Guard.