Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh. My.

I am gonna tell you a secret, so don't tell anyone. Tonight I took a shower and all went well, then I got out and dried off and went to put my jammies on. Well, I grabbed someone else's underwear. I don't know who's, but they were for children. So, because it was late at night, I felt it was okay to run upstairs in my towel to grab a pair of my own personal underwear. As luck would have it, my mom was saying her prayer right between the stairs and the laundry room (where I needed to be). I figured I could sneak past and snag a pair and be back down the stairs before she was done. So I raced over to the basket of clean clothes and went digging. There was nothing of mine in there that I could see (apparently I shower too often). I was just getting to the bottom of the basket when I happened to glance up. Lo and Behold my mother is staring at me. Me wearing nothing but a towel crouched down over a basket of clean clothes. I fumbled through an explanation and she simply said, "Look in the dryer." Then she started laughing, and didn't stop. Not even after I ran to the dryer and found some underwear. As I ran for the stairs to go back to my ever-precious private bathroom, she asked "Are you embarrassed?"

Humiliated. I am humiliated, mother.

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TJ said...

Yeah, I started laughing the next night when I knelt at the ottoman to say my prayer and remembered what had happened the night before...I had to start over more respectfully.