Thursday, October 30, 2008


My parents went to Vegas for some days (4). I ran the house. So with the taste of freedom in my mouth, I took over the kitchen and made a cake (hence the Halloween cake in the previous post). But there was lots of extra frosting and I couldn't just throw the extra frosting from the Halloween cake away. And since Mom was gone, I could make yet another mess in the kitchen ;) So...I decided what better way to use up the frosting than to make sugar cookies? Afterall, I knew the girls would love to decorate cookies, and why not make them happy? Then with a little luck and lots of phone calls to Mom, the cookies came to be. I then proceeded to color the frosting various shades of Halloweeny colors. Here was the beginning product (lovely cookies might I add):

Here is the end product:


Bri said...

You guys are having way too much fun without me. Can't wait to come up and have so much fun with all you guys!

Joliene said...

Those cakes and cookies are adorable! I am not good at decorating with frosting... My shapes and scripts always come out looking like they were done by a 3-year-old. I am going to hire you to cater my wedding, haha. Just kidding.