Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cha Cha Cha

Hello. I have come across something in my recent days. It is very cool. It is called ChaCha. It answers all of your burning questions and I am NOT KIDDING. Seriously. No joke. Simply text a question to 242242 and wait a few minutes. Then, KaBam! You get a reply that answers your burning question. Have you been waiting your whole life to find out why bird's beaks are orange? Who invented the toilet? Why is dirt brown? Well howdy-doo! Just ask ChaCha and you will never have unanswered questions again! Tell me your question and what your answer was!


Anonymous said...

So Jenna, can you use this as a resource for testing next semester?

Jen said...

I know I could....I also know that I won't :)

Anonymous said...

can't you do it online too ?