Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Look What I did!

The original:

After I got through with it:

And all without photoshop!! Do you like it or not? Which one do you like better?


TJ said...

I like the colored one better, because of the flower. Flowers invoke feelings of bright, happy color for me, so it seems like they should be in color. Do you have one of those shots minus the flower you could throw on me? Oh, I hope this was a poll of sorts. I'm not knocking your efforts to learn some photo editing. You know I want to learn how to do that, too. I can't even do what you did. Good job.

Bri said...

I agree with Mom. I like the color one better, but not because the black and white doesn't look good. I just like color for flowers, too. On the b/w one I like the blurring around the edges, though. That's pretty cool. What program did you use?

Jen said...

i used picasa by google or something