Thursday, August 14, 2008

Frustration up the Wazoo

Okay...I just opened a new account at a local bank. It was great and easy. Then I tried to go online to transfer some money from my old bank to my new one...I didn't think it could be that difficult. Oh how wrong I was. So I get to the new bank's site...and I try and login with the information I was given. Not to be so. I had to first set up a personal something-or-other and then login with the information I had. Ok. Well, unfortunately my helper must have had dislexia because he told me my current password was all upper case...but it was all lower case. Took me like ten tries to figure that one out. Well- at least I was in! So...the site "encourages" me to set up a new user name and big deal? WRONG! BIG DEAL! It won't accept anything I I figure I must be reading the instructions wrong. Nope. I did exactly what they said. My username and password have enough characters and such....nothing wrong on my part. So here I am stuck without any way to put money into my new account unless I drive to my old bank, take out money, drive to my new bank, and have the money put in. And I really, really don't have that kind of time. Any volunteers?

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