Monday, August 11, 2008


This is it:

We have been inseperable for almost a year now. I liked it at the beginning. Then I started reading this blog and she talked a lot about photography. I was inspired to try and take better pictures, but I couldn't get my shots to look like hers. So, I gave in (finally) and went back to the manual (how humbling). I read it...and it was good for nothing. My hatred for manuals was justified! HA! Then...upon further investigation, in the corner in slightly smaller print (okay, okay it was right in the middle of the page and BOLDED no less..once again humbling) were the words: visit for the extended user guide. I did. WOWWIE! I love it there! Did you know that if you actually push the menu button on your camera there are options? Who knew? I am figuring out my camera. It has different lighting settings, ISO settings, Shutter speeds and lots more. I still don't know what I am really talking about, but boy is it fun! Wanna see some of my pictures? Okay then, here we go!

First of all, I am not saying I like these photos. They just illustrate my point nicely. Second of all, if you happen to know anything about cameras and photography and I happen to say something wrong, just keep your mouth shut. I am proud of my knowledge thank you very much. I was saying, I am learning a lot about photography and continue to learn more. Here for example I simply changed the shutter speed. The lighter one had a slower shutter speed which allowed more light to enter. I prefer the darker one to the light one. I think it adds drama.

And one more example for good measure. Once again, I just changed the shutter speed. I think the second is better. It eliminates most of the glare and adds drama. So...if you aren't into photography but want better pictures, the most simple thing I can suggest would be to experiment with the shutter speed. It can make a huge difference!
So...back to the camera. I said I liked it at the beginning, now I LOVE it! If I had limitless money I would buy myself a nice SLR camera like this one. But for now, I am definitly okay with what I have! Also: with limitless money I would buy Adobe Photoshop and a new car and some jeans and a nice Steinway piano (a grand of course).
That is all. Over and out.


Bri said...

You can have all the cameras, cars, and jeans you want, but heaven help you if you get a Steinway before me..... jk :)

(i didn't even know you wanted a steinway!)

TJ said...

Watch out Bri, that dust cloud in your rearview mirror is Jenna .

love dad