Friday, August 15, 2014


I have started to settle in and it is a relief to feel some sense of normalcy again. My life has been so consistent for the past several years that this new adventure really threw me off. I cried for days leading up to my departure and I cried each night I got here. The crying has since stopped (thank goodness- amiright?!) and I have started to feel comfortable. A couple weeks ago grocery shopping seemed like a daunting task- too much to handle and it took what I believe is a modern-day miracle to get me out of my house. I googled how to get to the store and how to get home, I googled about three alternate routes, I checked to make sure my purse had my metro card and keys about three times. And then I went grocery shopping. And I didn't die. I tried to find a bakery I had heard about but I couldn't find it so I scurried back to the train and went home.
But when I got home I was a little more confident, a little more secure. So I ventured back out the next day to find that bakery. I was bound and determined. And I found it! And I was so happy that I found it that I didn't even mind waiting in line FOR 20 MINUTES. Ok-I minded a little. But it was divine!
Now that I am more comfortable I have really gotten into a routine. I take the bus to school in the mornings to give myself a little time to wake up and then I get to walk home. I try to take different routes home so I can get to know Harlem. However, the first time I walked home I walked past the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine. It is the 4th largest Christian church in the world and it is beautiful! Oh- and a 5 minute walk from my house. I have yet to venture inside but I think that is next week's activity.
Funny signs outside the church grounds (mostly just that last one):
An train stop above ground. It smells 100% better than those underground nasties.
 Lunch with some of the people in my cohort. We went to this great little Italian place in Harlem called Lido. It was divine. And-Bonus!- it was restaurant week!
 This beautiful building is on a different way home. I love the ivy!
 Met up with an old coworker for dinner one night at Jacob's Pickles. You read that right. I, Jenna, went to a pickle place. Cam ordered some spicy fried pickles that were actually quite tasty. Never thought those words would come out of my mouth. I think it was the spicy that sold me. This place had such a fun atmosphere and dining Al Fresco on the streets of New York? I could do it for every meal!
 This really great bridge connects two sides of Columbia campus and offers a really great NYC view.
 Another grounds shot because I just love it so much. Seriously. I love UVU and everything but...they got nothin' on this place.


Bri said...

It looks fabulous! Glad you're liking it better...I'm sure you'll never want to leave soon enough.

WithIn the Heart of Me said...

You are a brave soul. Love the pictures. Hoping you find south life and experience there. Hugs!!

Lys said...

K but what is restaurant week?

TJ said... does a mother heart good to hear that you are settling in. Mmmm...spicy pickles.

Yuki said...

I love to read about your adventure. It must be a lot diffferent from your home town. Hope you enjoy every minute of your life!