Thursday, September 4, 2014

I Have a Title, and it's a Long Title Too

That was a vague movie reference. Anyone?
I crochet now, so there's that.
I may not do it well, but I do it.
I also did a bad thing where I made a comment during Relief Society a couple weeks ago. And then I spent too much time with some of the the people in the presidency so (naturally) I was asked to teach. I had a weekend-long series of mini heart attacks each time I thought about teaching. I haven't done that particular activity in my entire life so it was a little nerve-wracking. But it went fine. I feel a calling coming on.
I officially started my internship. I work in the Fordham University School of Law Family Advocacy Clinic as a Master's student intern from Columbia University (official title). I don't have official Fordham ID yet so I have to check in at the security desk every day.  The guard makes me say my whole title every time. And then he laughs at me. Every. Time. What are friends for?
I work on a legal team with real-life lawyers, LCSWs, and law students. It is quite fun. I am getting two educations for the price of one really, really expensive education or 8 relatively affordable educations. Yesterday we (the students) had to explain our chosen field "terms" in street language. Instead of saying things like "PTSD" "Autism high-functioning" "PDD NOS" "IEP" or any other social worky term I had to say the full name, and explain it like they had never heard the term before because they hadn't. Um that was HARD.  I didn't realize how indoctrinated I was. The law students had to explain terms like "standing" and "motion" and "classification" and such. At one point the professor tried to get them to explain the phrase "file a motion" in layman's terms relative to the situation. Basically she wanted them to explain that clients don't say, "I am going to file a motion!" they say, "I am going to sue!" and they couldn't do. It was hilarious.  And that is what happens when you go to school for the same stuff for too many years.
Classes are back in sesh at Columbia and I have really great professors. I think I chose the most perfect method (specific area of practice) for me and I can't wait to see where it takes me! In medicine you can choose to be a general practitioner or a specialist.  You can do the same thing in social work at Columbia. I have chosen the general practitioner route.
And now that you have read every detail of my life, I will reward you with visual representations of the rest of my life!

 Funny story about this next picture. I went to Fishs Eddy and shopped for a little bit. When I left I realized I had like a bajillion texts so I sat down in this cute courtyard to respond to all of them. After a few minutes I left and crossed the street. I realized that there were tons of people around me staring up into the sky. I was like What? Is someone gonna jump?! and I turned to look at BAM! Just the Flatiron Building. Only one of the most iconic buildings in NYC, Jenna. C'mon! Look around!
 This is from the southeast corner of Central Park. It is gorgeous down there.

 Fashion week is upon us, ladies and gentlemen. In this next picture I happen to be standing outside my internship. Those white tents across the way are the tents they have set up for fashion week. I get to watch fashion week from my window. For being so reluctant to actually come to NYC it sure is turning out to be fun!
 When I found my apartment the girl let me know that the kitchen was fully stocked so I didn't need to bring anything. This was a huge relief because it meant I didn't have to pack nearly as much stuff.  I decided I would only bring my very most favorite cookie cutters. They were the most beautiful blue and they were double-sided so you could cut a straight edge or a scalloped edge. Somehow I lost them in the move and I was devastated. Somewhere along the way I lost a box with my cookie cutters, the square version of those cookie cutters and all my tea and hot cocoa fixings. I went to Home Goods like 2 days after I realized the cookie cutters were gone and I found these. They are not as pretty but they are the same other than that. I was so happy!
 This is Brittany. She is also going to Columbia. She is great. We go places together. We eat food together. We wander the park together. NYC BFF!


Kelly said...

Well your life is a dream.

Jo said...

I've been trying to comment on the past few posts but it never lets me for some reason! Hopefully this one will go through...anyway just want to say you're impressive and cool, that's all.

Lys said...

Mulaaaaaan MulanMulanMulan. You can sing that to any tune that seems to fit.

Bri said...

Ping! Ping was my best friend growin' up!

I love seeing the pictures of all your proves the stories you tell me are true ;-)

TJ said...

Now that was a blog post! I spy Thai.