Sunday, November 20, 2011


Is that a winter princess?!?

No. It's just this fantastic hat I won! It has furry ears.


Jo said...

haha Winter Princess. I love it! You are adore.

Florencia Gonzalez said...

jenna. i love reading your blog. HAGS. just kidding. lets really do something soon though.

k8 said...

wow. I forgot you texted that hat picture to me and then I got distracted...but anyway WOWOWOWOWIE it really does have ears!! I like this picture a LOT if its not your facebook picture it should be. also I'm pretty sure you could sell the pattern for that snowflake to my brother andrew/casey greer for approximately one BILLION dollars. And while I'm at it I'll comment on your earli-earlier blog..yes you are cluttery, but not messy, I never realized there was a difference but you hit it right on the head. and I want to see the sneezing picture. BAD. also I bought the michael cd and I'll share it with you if you play with me over thanksgiving. k? oh and DID you SEE that navel gazing lady commented on your blog?!? you're like, famous! ok thats all...for now, but I'll be back