Monday, November 7, 2011


I have had this blog for a long time and I don't think I ever really introduced myself so I figured now was as good a time as any.  Here we go.
I am Jenna.  I have 4 sisters, a brother-in-law (but I just consider him a brother), a nephew (I shall call him Squishy and he shall be my Squishy), a mother, a father, some friends, no pets.
I live in the US of A.  I love the US of A, I pretty much pledged allegiance to it.
I work two jobs, go to one school.
I believe in working hard and playing hard.
I have an affinity for cute things. Ask anyone that really knows me. I google cute baby animals.
I like to think I am crafty but there isn't much truth to that thought.
I am not messy. I am cluttery.
I love frozen yogurt. A lot. I also love: food in general.
Interesting facts: I have been to Ghana and London.  Love and plan on going back to both.  Another interesting fact: One time I wondered if I could perfectly time taking a picture of myself sneezing. I did. It makes me laugh so hard I cry. But I will NOT share that photo on this blog. Find me and I will show you.
Things I like to do: photography, paint things (anything), read, organize, apply make up, bake (oh how I love to bake!), play with nephew, listen to music, play with friends, sing
Things I wish for: the ability to sew, endless money, stronger self-control, an Aston Martin (any one will do), a Kitchen Aid, longer hair (ridiculous, right?)
What I have to offer: I am really nice. I will let you play with my hair.  I will tell you when there is something in your teeth. I will let you vent to me.  My car's heater heats up like nobody's business.  I make a mean cookie. I have a great memory, you will think I hang on your every word (and I do of course).
My drawbacks: I am sarcastic (probably to a fault).  Sometimes I get tunnel vision when I have lost something or am frustrated about something, just ask Lys about finding car keys Sunday morning. I don't really handle raw meat. Gross. I go gaga for trendy colors and buy everything in that color. I have: at least 10 articles of clothing that coral/rose color. I have a great memory, you will think I am a creep.  I will remember your cousin's bff's cute brother's name. Then I will meet him in real life and pretend to know nothing about him. Creepy? I think so.
What I listen to: everything. But Sara Bareilles' CD Kaleidoscope Heart is the best ever.  Buy it! I like Adele, Akon, Blue October, Brooke Fraser, David Guetta, Phil Collins, the Josh's Groban, Gracin, and Turner, Justin Bieber, Norah Jones, and Lifehouse to name a few.
Any questions?


TheOneTrueSue said...

Oooh, I wish for everything on your wish list. Including the longer hair (but that is mostly because I am still recovering from a really heinous haircut).

Although Phil Collins makes me want to smash things. I don't know why.

Jo said...

You are adorable. And I laughed out loud at that sneezing picture idea...I'm going to need to see that picture!!

TJ said...

It's all so you. Tragic, though, that you left the Beatles off of your listening list. I still love ya!