Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: A Quick Review

Starting in January, I moved out
To Provo I went without a doubt.
Forging my way, I was a new gal
But forgot my towels (which lowered morale).
It took a few days to get confidence back
But it quickly returned and I was on track!
It was all fun and games 'til the deer incident
Where he hit my car leaving a fairly small dent
March brought some tears but also brought color

April brought broken beds, but finals were over!
May was more "blah" than I care to discuss
June took me all over but not on a bus.
Down to Disney I drove with some friends through Sin City,
Gambling wasn't for us (for it made us feel gritty).
July was a powerhouse out on the coast
"Clam chowder and taffy" cold Oregon did boast.
While the water was frigid and icy to feel
The food was delicious and the sea stars were real!
Before we came home from our trip with our loot
We went to a cheese place and a lighthouse to boot.
August came and it went, but I never forgot
my encounters with death and the spiders they brought!

September was nice but more boring than most,
So we'll skip to October so that I can boast
Of the pictures I took of my family so fine,
And the hat I received for the birthday that's mine.

To November we'll fly but there ain't much to see
'Cept my nasty old sweater that is SO scratchy.
December was average 'til late one cold night
A baby named Emerson stole the spotlight.
He entered this world with a stretch and a cry
Now he sleeps all the time, no one sees his blue eyes.

2010 was a great year- I'd say the best yet
With its babes, friends, and wonderful Oregon sunsets.
With this next year approaching I wish you all well
Happy New Year to all and to 2010: farewell!


TJ said...

Darling and clever!

Lys said...

Love this! Where did my share of the creative genes go?? Thief.

Carrie said...

She's right, very clever! Love it!