Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oregon: Days 4 and 5

Day 4 was basically the same as day 3 so I decided to skip over and move on to day 5 which included....
Shopping! In downtown Cannon Beach. Quaint little shops:
I found my favorite candy bar ever in the world. When I went to London last year I happened upon this little gem. Since then I have not been able to find them anywhere!
You can only get this in a few select places here in the States. I had been having horrible withdrawals until I found it. But it also cost $1.49 as you can clearly see. The good news is: the expiration date on the package had already passed so....I got them half off. I bought 5. You know the saying: if 1 Aero Mint bar is good, 5 are better!

Mom and Lys in a cute little courtyard:
After a long day of shopping we decided on pizza for dinner. It was delicious!

Stay tuned for day 6, it is gonna be spectacular!

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