Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oregon: Day 6

Day 6 took me and the fam to Haystack Rock at the lowest tide of the year(roughly 7:30 am). I do not like anything before 8 lets just say I sacrificed, especially because I was on vacation. In getting to Haystack Rock, however, I was glad that I had woken up. The creatures of the sea were at my fingertips!
Starfish front:
Starfish back:
Something cool and seashell-y and squelchy:
I loved that the starfish were EVERYWHERE!
Look at this rock just absolutely covered with starfish:
Cool sea snails:
Sea anemone will open up underwater....
...but when the water recedes, they close up. Shy little creatures.
Here is a saggy anemone (probably a senior citizen anemone):
More starfish because I can't seem to get enough of them:
More open anemones:
A crab:
Something cool:
Yet another starfish. Technically they are called Sea Stars...but when have I ever banked on technicalities? I always thought starfish would be soft and squishy but these were anything but! They were hard and coarse to the touch, which threw me for a loop.
This is called a Sunburst Sea Star and it was the first one that had been seen on this beach for years. How lucky were we?! (This one happened to be soft and squishy)
A cool thing. I honestly have no idea what this is, I just snap the pictures

And last but not least, look at this cool thing I found. Don't quite know what it is, but it rocks my world!

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Amanda said...

Those are amazing pictures. but that one of the sunburst sea star grosses me out. you touched it? blech.