Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dare I Say

I am about to tell the most embarrassing story of my life.
I recently moved into an apartment. I had everything I needed and life was good. I got everything unpacked and in place. Then I wanted a shower. I got all my supplies and took a wonderful shower. I hadn't left my shampoo or conditioner or soap at home. Then I got out of the shower and quickly realized my one BIG mistake. I had forgotten a towel. I was standing very wet and very nude in the bathroom racking my brain for something I could use to dry off. There wasn't a hand towel in sight and I was not about to dry off my clean body with my dirty jeans. There was no way I was going to run from the bathroom to my room with nothing to cover myself, so: I did the only thing I could think of. I patted dry with toilet paper. Toilet paper. That's right. Toilet. Paper.
I grabbed a wad, patted my arm dry, threw it away, grabbed another wad, dried my other arm, threw it away. And so it went until I was decently dried off.
My hair was another story. I have thick hair and lots of it. Getting that mess of hair evenly slightly less wet was not even an option. So I wrapped it in a bun and stuck in an elastic. Problem solved? I think not. Now it was dripping onto my already partially dried back. I didn't want to start a whole new round of pat-dry so in a huff I threw on some clothes and went into my bedroom looking for something that could possible dry my hair. What I found? Sheets.
Who knew a shower could be such a harrowing experience?
Needless to say, the next day after work, I stopped off at my house and grabbed a towel. Never again will I forget.
And one more thing: please don't tell my roomies about this. They don't know I have a blog, and this is one story I'd rather keep to myself. Thanks-
Over and out.


TJ said...

yikes girl...

k8 said...

EW toilet paper??? didn't it get know... soggy??? I guess desperate times call for desperate measures! One time I did jumping jacks to try and dry didn't work. did your roomies not notice the heap of soggy toilet paper in the trash? whatev, your secret's safe with me...probably.

Melinda said...

Jenna, I just shared a "stupid moment" on my blog. Your mother read it and steered me to yours! I love it!

Tae said...

How come I never heard about this at home??