Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why I Need to Work at Google!

This is how life is for people who work at Google.
They slide from one level to the next.
Massage anytime you want:
Tech support when your computer goes on the fritz. Snacks and drinks for free while you wait.
Chatty booths so you can attend to personal business:
BOATS to sit in and white boards that line the whole wall. I love, love white boards.
A library to sit and sip beverages in:
An aquarium room with massage chairs to relax in:


Lys said...

well that explains why google people are so funny...they're entire workplace is like one big mcdonald's playplace! i wanna work there too

Amanda said...

Sign me up, looks like heaven.

Carrie said...

That looks so much fun, when you get a job there, could you get me one too?

TJ said...

Is that for real? That can't be for real...???

k8 said...

WHAT? why would you want to work there when you could enjoy all the wonders of Hogi Yogi!? I mean imagine all the flies you'd miss killing! and you'd have to give up your discount and you'd never see ran again!

Jen said...

i could handle never seeing Ran again.

k8 said...

whatev! remember that one time I yelled while he was on the phone... its moments like that I'm sure they never enjoy at google!

Tae said...

That looks so fun... and relaxing. I would love to work there!