Friday, September 18, 2009

Poor Dave

I am currently taking an anatomy course. I bought a textbook for said anatomy course. The textbook was previously owned by:
Dave V. whoever he is.

Dave V. was kind enough to read my book and copiously highlight everything of importance.

Sometimes, almost whole sections are highlighted, because Dave is just that way.

Until this page. On page 200, Dave stopped highlighting.
In the very middle of the page, in the middle of the sentence, Dave just stopped.
And for the rest of the book, Dave ceases to make his appearance.
And I feel so lonely and lost, because Dave told me what to study.

It makes me wonder if something horrible happened. I know he wasn't shot because there is no blood splatter.
But I don't know anything else. Was he tragically killed? Did he just drop the class? Did he naturally drop dead? I am quite curious...

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Whitney said...

He probably just got engaged or something. :D

And just so you know the word verification made me type satansi. That is Satan yes in spanish.