Friday, July 31, 2009


I figured I would take a break from all my traveling pictures and talk about something else. Shoes.

I've had these shoes for a good long while now. I bought them my senior year of high school for a formal dance I went to. They went wonderfully with my black and white dress. After that day, these shoes became my best friend.

They have been everywhere with me. They have been all over Utah and lots of Arizona. They have walked the streets of Ghana and seen the sights of London. They have been my temple buddies.

They are wearing out. Florence bought the same shoes on the same day. She threw hers away long ago, but I can't bring myself to do it. I love them too much. They have holes and scratches and are literally falling apart. If my house lit on fire tonight, I would grab these dirty old shoes first.
I have gone back to the store to see if I could get the same shoes again. They don't have them anymore. They have them in brown and they have them in white, but just not black.
Water leaks in this hole:
I have hoards of shoes, but for some reason, these shoes won me over. They are comfortable, [used to be] nice looking, basic black, flats, casual, and dressy. What more could I want in a shoe? So as of now, I have not thrown them away. Who knows? They may stay with me forever...

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Amanda said...

I have them in brown and hate them. But i'm glad to see that yours have served you so well hahaha :)