Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wanna Know?

Wanna know what I hate?  When people leave all the clothes they tried on in the dressing room.  Then you have to work around it and put their clothes on hangers as well as your own.  
Wanna know what I love?  When the clothes left in the dressing room are just your size.  Then you can try everything on without being bogged down by looking around.  Someone else did it for you and you didn't even have to pay them!

Wanna know what I hate?  I absolutely abhor changing my sheets.  Don't ask me why, I have no idea.
Wanna know what I love?  Getting into my bed right after I change my sheets.  The sheets are crisp, cold, and clean without a wrinkle in them. 

Wanna know what I hate?  The smell of banana bread.  There, I said it.  I HATE the smell of banana bread.  To me it smells like death.
Wanna know what I love? The very top part of the loaf of banana bread.  It is still a teensy gooey but still has that "crust" texture.  It's basically the best of both worlds in bread form.

Wanna know what I hate?  Flossing my teeth.  There is just something about putting string between each space in my mouth that sounds incredibly monotonous, droll, and tedious.
Wanna know what I love? Brushing my teeth.  If it was up to me, I would have a toothbrush in my mouth all day everyday.  I could brush and brush and brush and never get tired of it.

Wanna know what I hate? Luggage.  The most bulky awkward stuff in the world.  Also: the most necessary.
Wanna know what I love?  Packing Lists, thats what.  Something in me jumps up and down with glee whenever I am presented with a packing list.  It could be the excitement of going away for awhile.  It could also be the excitement of allowing my OCD tendencies to take over so that my underwear are folded just so in the lower right-hand corner of my suitcase.  My socks are placed in a circular pattern around my panties if you were wondering.  

Wanna know what I hate?  Crocs.  Simply put: they are the ugliest shoe ever.  End of story.
Wanna know what I love?  Crocs, dang it. Once, when I was an ignorant fool, I swore I would never ever "be a croc person".  Right? Crocs are not to be worn out.  They are too casual.  Well, one time I found a bright orange pair for like 5 bucks.  So I bought them for work thinking that they would be strictly for work.  Well, they are the comfiest things ever, and now I say in [comfortable] shame, I am a croc person.  I wear them to class, I wear them to work, I wear them to the mall.  Crocs got to me and I succumbed. Woe is me.

Wanna know what I hate?  Having a huge-long list of things to do that will inevitably never get done. 
Wanna know what I love?  Checking things off a list.  I dunno why, but it is one of the most satisfying things ever.  It is my way of getting back at my list of things to do.  Thats right.....I marked clean room off my list.  HA stupid list.  I showed you!


TJ said...

Wanna know what...I have a lot of love/hate issues too. I guess that is the nature of life. Take the good with the bad...look for the silver linings...

Lys said...

haha jenna i loved this post...wanna know what i hate? getting my wisdom teeth out. wanna know what i love? the excuse to live off of jello and pudding and ice cream for a week.

Bri said...

Bahahaha...I'm the same with crocs. They are hideous. But the other day I found myself thinking I wouldn't mind having a pair because they are so easy to put on. I quickly dismissed the thought though. I hope I can stay strong.

The other one for me is skinny jeans. Eww. Gross. Blech. Yet I bought 2 pair about a year ago because they were a good deal. When I got home, I felt like a sinner and ended up returning them. Say 'NO' to skinny jeans!

Also, your blog is super bright and pink. Every time I look away from the computer, everything turns neon green. Dang it! I'm seeing green!

Joliene said...

I hate it when people leave their clothes in the dressing room! It's so rude. I've not had the joyous experience of someone my size leaving their things in my way--i mean, in the dressing room. Apparently good things are coming.

I hate crocs, too, although I did break down and buy some in Disneyland where all the little holes are Mickeys. I was very excited to wear ugly Mickey Mouse shoes around the house. Then it turned out that I didn't find them at all comfortable. It was disappointing.

Ha, I never noticed the afterness of your blog. My walls look like they're glowing with some weird sci-fi-esque glow. It's fun.

Carrie said...

I do hate the fact that people leave their clothes in the dressing room. If I have the smarts to put them back why don't they?

And I also agree with the banana bread top. It is so delicious.

Jen said...

Ya...I've been meaning to change the background for quite some time. Hopefully this is easier on the eyes! ;)