Sunday, April 12, 2009


Something I have always loved to look at is graffiti on train cars. For my photo class, I decided to take pictures of it for my final project. I found some awesome cars and I couldn't get enough of the graffiti. Taking pictures has only fed my addiction and I am afeared it might become too much to handle. Here is what I don't get about graffiti like this: it is destruction of property, but personally, I think it adds to the appearance. Think how boring this car would be without such lovely colors painted on. I'll tell you what, there is certainly talent in graffiti industry!
I know ya can't really tell, but this one is stinkin' cute. It is yellow on the bottome and then has bubbles going up into a purple layer that fades into green. It has bright pink arrows coming out the sides. Oh Nikki, whoever you are, you're a darling

Love love love this one. Way intricate and I love the color scheme ha-ha
Isn't this just absolutely darling? Pink and purple with blue and white bubbles!


Lys said...

wowzer those are awesome...thought-provoking somehow too...i think i want to go look at some graffiti myself now

Jen said...

I tell you- it is an addiction!!

TJ said...

cool idea for a final project!