Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It Is Over

The semester is officially over as of 1 hour and 5 minutes ago.  You may ask what I am going to do now.  Well, I will clean my car inside and out, then I will take a nap.  Then I will go to work which will be followed by coming home and taking a nap.  After my nap I will get online and waste a few hours of my day only to be followed with wasting a few hours in front of the TeeVee.  Then, I will go to bed.  Then I will wake up.  Then I will eat breakfast and take a nap. You see where this is going?

For real though, now I prepare for Ghana.  I buy lots of things, get a packing list together, and get all my paperwork photocopied.  This is gonna be awesome!

P.S.  This post will be followed by a cuter post in a day or so. Over and out-


Lys said...

oh jenna that's awesome...what a relief that must be...and now when i get the same thing in a month, you head off to ghana on the same's fine. i'm not even mad about it. ;)

TJ said...

yeah Jenna! 2 down...6 to go...wahoo! Isn't it the best feeling ever to be done with finals! What a relief!