Sunday, April 19, 2009

In Response to

Because I am lazy and busy, I left my blog unattended and somewhat of a ghastly color for the past however long. I changed it just for you people, whoever you are that read my blog. Hopefully it isn't so troublesome to the eye. But lets just take a look at what I did to get it here okay?
This one is cute, but goodness knows the flowers wouldn't do what I wanted. There they are just floating in the middle of my name.

Cute colors: weird layout and can't read a thing

Um....can you get any more patterned than this?

Loved the colors of the middle of the header, but couldn't read anything so it had to go. So sad.

Loved this background until a certain someone said "I love that green poo smear on the side"

Layers upon layers of green

So there ya have it. Can you believe? It took me two hours to figure all of this out cuz I'm computer literate. I was also helped in a big way by Bri and also this Bri


k8 said...

OKAY OKAY OKAY I LOVE PINA COLADAS!!!! and green backgrounds, and HEY that's my shirt on YOUR blog, BTW it's now officailly my fav. shirt! can I have one in every color?? also I was driving...I don't know where but anyways I discovered the art of graffiti on train cars!! seriously there was this line like 2 miles long of cool train graffiti, and then I had the urge to try it myself, then I realized I don't have the creativity to make it look cool, so I'll need your help okay? um i think that's it... yeah it is. this is almost as good as texting you right?

Jen said...

First of all, I am really glad you read my blog. Second of all, yes'm, that is your shirt on my blog. I am glad it is your favorite. Yes I will help you make graffiti look cool and no, it is not as good as texting. Sorry, it just isn't.

TJ said...

love the new look of your blog