Monday, February 23, 2009


(said in a Jane Seymore voice)

Anyway, lets talk about Sully. He was my first "crush". I think I was in third grade, and everyday when I got home from school my sister Briana and I would hurry as fast as we could to get our homework done. When that was done, we begged and begged my mom to let us watch Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. We had to keep the volume down really low because it was nap time. We had to sit really close to the tv in order to hear it, but we still got to watch it, so we weren't complaining. We loved Dr. Quinn with all of our hearts. Favorite episodes: the wedding one, the baby one, and of course the circus one. But back to Sully, he is one hunk of burning love! And he is a hero....and he delivers Dr. Quinn's baby, what a good hubby!

Lets have a look-see:

I loved Sully. And if anybody wants to buy me this shirt, feel free. I would love you forever and ever
And just in case your in-the-know (Briana)...darker.....and darker.....and darker...

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Bri said...

Haha...definitely the best romantic episode ever! We should have a Dr. Quinn marathon next time we get together. That would be like heaven!