Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Gato

First, lets talk about this really great outfit of mine. This is how I usually dress, except the socks don't usually match.

OK...the cat sits on the chair so unsuspecting and nonchalant.

Then he gets curious:

Pretty soon, he starts helping me type my assignments:


Lys said...

haha i love the one where he's poking his head around and pushing the f1 f2 etc keys...i'm sure you appreciate his help so much

Michelle Anne said...

haha oh jenna i miss your face! you crack me up! love ya!

Tae said...

That is so funny! How the cat will just do that.

Anonymous said...

You go, Ceaser. You make the mom proud. Not every cat can type, much less help with school assignments. Get that A+ you two. Anyone who will stay up with Jenna all night to cram and study deserves a hug.