Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Visitor #3

SHE CAME TO ME!!!! MY BFF SISTER IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD CAME TO SEE ME IN MY HOUSE (not that my other sisters are not my bffs, just that this one came to visit me). Happy tears were shed.

We started our whirlwind romance with a trip to the temple (where all the best romances start):
 Then we went to see my other bff Jimmy Fallon. No pictures were allowed in the actual studio so I will show you our arms, tickets, and faces, respectively.
While we were waiting around for Jimmy we wandered around Rockefellar Center. At one point I saw Questlove (a Root) wandering around. And with all the grace and charm of a princess I pounded Bri's arm until she said, "WHAT!?!" and then I pointed at Questlove as he walked away. I am working on my people skills.

We also did the Staten Island Ferry. I just love that thing so much. Boats, Lady Liberty, fresh air...it is all so wonderful.
 We also went to my fave cathedral. It is massive. And beautiful.
 And this was just one stop on our tour of NYC: Diabetes Version.
We should be ashamed.
Another fun Roots story: While we were walking to the 9/11 Memorial we saw yet another Root walking around. This one was Captain Kirk Douglas (the one with the funky hair). Again, with all my grace and charm I stared at him until we made eye contact. And then I kept staring. Still working on those people skills, still working.

Other things we did that are not pictured: 9/11 Memorial, Magnolia Bakery, Levain Bakery, Patsy's Pizzeria, walking in Central Park, Columbia campus, Umami burger, Appletree deli, Time Square, Rockefellar Center, and (of course) birthday cake. For mah berfday.

Then she had to go home because of "kids" or whatever. Can't wait until she comes back!

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Jo said...

I keep checking your blog for updates and I keep feeling sad.