Thursday, July 31, 2014

New, New, New

Here I am in a new apartment in a new city! The city of choice is New York City! I am here to further my education at Columbia University.  My apartment is teensy (as expected) and the city is HUGE. Apartment pictures to come. I have to finish cleaning everything first- it is kinda filthy.
While I haven't been here long I have still gotten a feel for the city.  Here is my favorite scene: an empty subway platform and car, respectively. From this angle it all looks fairly clean but if you look down on those tracks it is absolutely disgusting.  Just don't look down and it will be okay. Isn't that what they say?
This little ditty is on my walk to/from school every day. It is absolutely gorgeous and I love walking by it slowly to take it all in.  It is actually quite huge, this is just one part of it.
 Here you see the world famous Empire State Building (or as I kept telling my dad: the Eiffel Tower!)
I haven't gotten any closer to her than this. I will have to wander down there someday and get a closer picture.
 New York Times (obviously):
 Look! I am official!
 The first night in my new apartment I basically chopped my finger off.  It doesn't look as bad as it actually was.  That skin was flapping around for a few days.  Then the skin dried out and now it catches on everything (VOM).
 This is currently my favorite building that I have found. It is so regal looking.  Dontcha just love it?
 The classic Time Square: I got some bummer news while we were wandering and then I couldn't really get into it. Sorry about the lack of good pictures, Dad!
World Trade Center Memorial. Sobering. Loved it.

 Aaaand...I ordered Chinese food because isn't that classic NYC? I had it delivered to my door and everything. Dreams really do come true, kids.
 The beautiful Manhattan Temple:
 I live quite close to Central Park. And by quite close I mean a 1 minute walk. I haven't explored it much but believe me when I say I will.


WithIn the Heart of Me said...

You sound happy and enjoying the exploration of your new world. Looking forward to more pictures.

Bri said...

It's just beautiful there and I'm loving all the pictures. Keep them coming! Can't wait to hopefully come visit soon. Miss you tons and love you even more!

Lys said...

Ugh did you know this was my junior high dream? Like, I thought that I wanted to live by myself in New York when I grew up for a long time. YOU ARE LIVING MY DREAMS.

k8 said...

LOVE it!