Monday, January 28, 2013

The Rest

Here I am to finally blog the rest of Mexico. You are SO welcome. In the words of every blogger ever "Prepare for picture overload!"
Gecko chocolate!
Satan's speedbumps
5th piña colada
Coconut ice cream. Obsessed.
my 13th piña colada
the 16th (and final) piña colada
On the right you will see the rare rice elephant
Musical chocolate!
5th Avenue Mexico style
Carlos. Future GA, I am sure of it.
Wild monkeys.  They make the scariest sounds. For rilz.


Joliene said...

1. Your pina colada obsession reminds me that I used to really like strawberry daquiries. I used to just drink the mix, which my mom was unhappy about and which, in retrospect, is pretty gross. My adolescent self ate (or drank) too much sugar.

2. Coconut ice cream is bomb. I recommend green tea flavor coconut ice cream.

3. I am jealous of your eyelashes. And your eyebrows. If you could photoshop that general area of your face onto my wedding photos, I'd appreciate it.

Looks like you guys had a fun time :)

TJ said...

Mexican pizza...not so fond of it.

Lys said...

UGH Satan's speedbumps indeed. And amen to the monkey comment as well.

And how did you get such good pictures of all the ruins? Did you even listen to Carlos at all?? Jk, jk... but for rilz, nice pics.

Anonymous said...

how fun! great pictures.