Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tag. I'm it.

This is me following up on a tag from....March 16.  Refrain from judging, please.

1) Post the rules.
2) Post a photo and 11 random things about you.
3) Answer questions.
4) Ask questions.
5) Tag.

1. I have had long hair since 9th grade
2. I don't eat yogurt with chunks in it
3. My two pet frogs died
4. One time I watched The Grudge and didn't sleep for days
5. One time I watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre and slept like a baby that night
6. I have had my current cell phone for three years. Three YEARS people
7. I welcome the return of boy bands One Direction
8. I started thinking of 11 random facts at 12:18 am.  It is now 1:32 am. That is how boring I truly am
9. When I am home alone I have dance parties with myself
10. I work with behaviorally challenged children.  Therefore I am patient...and a good listener
11. I have been wearing the same bracelet for 6 years straight (but for real...I have)

1. Three words to describe me: Calm, cool, collected
2. I blog for a couple reasons.  It is a partial journal for myself, an outlet for my words, and (of course) a way to keep my many, many friends and followers informed of my every move. 
3. My idea of the perfect day includes sleeping in, 80 degree weather, water, sun, walking, yummy food, yummy treats, a comfy skirt, and of course lots of music.  Put that together however you want and you have my birthday present (October is rapidly approaching!).
4. Fave color: Green.  And yellow.
5. I don't mind splurging on nail polish.  I also don't mind splurging on make up.  
6. Song stuck in my head right now? Refer to number 7 of the RANDOM list
7. If I only had one week to live: I would take all my money and fly me and my family somewhere foreign so as to forget my upcoming tragic event.
8. My fave time-waster: Internet.  Pinterest, anyone?
9. a talent I have: patience.  a talent I wished I had: long suffering (jk). I wish I could paint.  And I also wish I could write music. And tan.
10. I am most grateful for my jobs
11. I am most grateful for my padres.  They keep me grounded (and goodness knows I'm a floater!)

Because I slacked off in the area of quick response time I am not going to tag anyone because if you haven't done this yet it is probably because you chose not to.  


Joliene said...

Your hair looks so pretty! My friend is having a Mad Men birthday party. I've never really seen much of that show, but it basically means we are dressing from that era. I wish I had your hair skills. I'm pretty excited about the dress and shoes I bought for it, but I am terrible at doing my hair. I wore the outfit on Easter, but I just put my hair in a pony because it's basically all I know how to do.

Lys said...

Where the heck is that picture from? I likes it.

I had no clue about that bracelet. You've seriously like never taken it off? Dunno how I feel about that...

You're a crack up. You should blog more often, even though you possibly hate that I just said that. Sorry. Meant it anyway.