Monday, January 23, 2012


I flew the coop. Hopped the fence. Left the nest. Moved out. Again. I am an independent woman now.  I cook for myself and do my own laundry.  This time I brought a towel.  I wasn't about to relive this.
I have roommates.  Lots of them. I live in a house-house, not an apartment, not a condo, not a townhouse.  And I love it!
I am taking classes, working two jobs, doing that "college life" thing.
I forgot to pay a bill before I partied it up in the land of Disney.  So I bought a planner.  Gone are the days where I forget to pay my bills.
In other news: I faced my fears and dealt with the majority of my Disneyland pictures.  Here we go with World of Color:

Throughout this typing I have sucked my way through a roll of Certs. Oh how I love Certs.

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Jo said...

Wahoo!! Living out is so fun. Also I died/laughed out loud at your towel story...hahah!