Sunday, October 23, 2011

October Part 2

We are over halfway through October...and my nerves are shot.  Jk...but really, nothing has scared me quite like The Grudge so that is good news.
However, I literally screamed during Halloween.  I was utterly humiliated.
Not so creepy.
I requested that this one make the list so I could have a reprieve of super scary.  Plus also: who doesn't love Jurassic Park?
Prom Night: not too shabby.  The Eye: strange concept. 
Halloween: I screamed.  You probably know the part. Wait Until Dark: a CLASSIC!
Disturbia: good one! When a Stranger Calls: glad I don't babysit much anymore
And that is not the end of it...just you wait!


Jo said...

Wait wait wait...I want to come play!!!

Heather said...

Why wasn't I invited?!?

Stacylyn said...

I vote you turn this into a 14th ward party. PLEASSSEEEEE????!!!

TheOneTrueSue said...

Disturbia bothered me. CREEEEEPY.

The Bitter Critic said...

I love that you are on the phone in the last picture, and i love that i look like trash