Monday, August 1, 2011

Just Another Early Morning

Em likes to play in the mornings. I like to sleep in the mornings.  Because of this unfortunate coincidence, stacking cups make better playmates than I do sometimes. Here is the evidence.

It looks like I fed him Cheetos. I did no such thing.
A gem.
Passing cars are always more interesting than me

Excited...look at those clenched fists!

Victory! (note the blue cup flying out of the lower left-hand corner)


Bri said...

Love them! I'm not quite sure I believe you about the Cheetos, though....

k8 said...

For stinkin cute! I wanna nephew! maybe I don't. but I want your nephew! I'm gunna haveta come over one morning and play!

..those clenched fists are hilarious!