Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh What a Night

I went to the local carnival on Friday night.  I think I almost died several times over.  I went on the ride that is known as the Zipper.  It does this.  Find the spinniest car and times it by 6.  That was my car.  I had the headache of all headaches after that ride! But the real story about the Zipper is while I was in line to get on the ride.  My friends and I were standing there minding our own business when something whizzed by my was just someone's POCKET KNIFE!! It had flown out of someone's pocket while they were riding the Zipper and the blade had opened and almost stabbed me in the head.  Talk about negligent homicide!  They wouldn't have even known they killed me!
Fast forward to the Scrambler and we'll go from there.  My friend and I sat in a seat together and I happened to not put my hair in a ponytail that day we flew towards the ride operator my hair was all in my face.  And then we flew away from the ride operator.  And my hair whipped him in the face. Sorry guy, don't sit so close next time!
And last, but certainly not least, the Gravitron!  It is a fun, fun ride and you basically fly up to the ceiling.  That is, unless you have really long hair and happen to be laying on it.  When that is the case, everybody around you flies up to the ceiling and you just get your airways cut off because your body wants to fly up to the ceiling but your head has to stay put because your hair is trapped behind your back.  It is a rather difficult situation.  I don't recommend it one bit.
The carnival was a rough night for me.  However, it was quite fun and I haven't laughed that hard in awhile.  I would go again...but just with my hair up in a bun and a helmet on my head.  Ya know, for safety's sake.
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Tae said...

That Gravitron one sounds hilarious... take me next time!

Becca said...

or you could cut all your hair off and then make a helmut out of that and then wear it on your head and then you would still have all your hair it would just be more productive.