Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Hat

Once upon a time I went to London and saw Lion King on Broadway.  I fell in love with it.  A year later I went to Vegas with some friends and made them see it there.  After the play we went in the gift shop and I fell in love with a Lion King hat.  I debated getting it but decided not to because it was more money than I wanted to spend.  After we left Vegas I decided that I did in fact want the hat (sometime's I'm a little slow to make up my mind...but once I get there, there is no going back).  Therein lay the dilemma. I wanted something I couldn't get without going back to Vegas.  I looked online for a good long while and I never found it.  Ebay failed me, Google searches failed me, failed me....even failed me.  Then a miracle occurred: my birthday.

Thanks parentals!! I love it with all my love!

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TJ said...

So glad that you do. So glad that we could find it for you. So glad that we just happened to be in the area. Love you with all my love!