Saturday, May 15, 2010


Look at me being all domestic and making a quilt! Here are my piles of fabric

Here is a peek of some of the fabric patterns

Piecing it together:

I'll put up a picture of the finished product when I finish it.

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k8 said...

oooooo! I'm liking it! and that's saying a LOT considering how much pink is in it!

I'm not sure about being domestic though! for one thing I've seen you after drinking soda pop, and the results are not exactly what I'd call domestic.

Also when I hear domestic I always think of training cats to "use" kitty litter. and then I get weird-ed out.

So yesterday while I was quilting I was wondering if I myself am being domesticated, and then I realized I probably don't really like quilting at all, it's just society's attempt at domesticating me...then I stopped quilting.