Friday, November 20, 2009

Three weeks until school is out, three weeks until I get my life back.

Lets talk about my life shall we? Recently I:
1. was informed that the word "crap" is not allowed in anatomy lab
2. bought a coat at Savers with the original tags still on it. Retail: $100.00. Saver's price: $20.00
3. went to Color Me Mine for the first (but certainly not last) time ever
4. bought a bracelet that I will probably only wear 5 times in my life
5. informed my microbiology lecture teacher that animals are "hoofed" not "whooped"
6. called my awkward home teacher to set up an appointment for "whenever you want"
7. tried to burn down the microbiology lab while attempting a dance party on the tables with little Bunsen burners as back lights
8. successfully achieved my 5th (fifth) month of not having a visiting teaching assignment
9. bought boots. Boots.
10. received a missionary letter
11. stole my electric blanket back
12. woke up at 5:45 am and had time for breakfast
13. updated my mp3
14. found the most amazing toothpaste in the whole world
15. fell in love with Glee!
16. wore black, brown, blue, and orange all in the same outfit in an effort to stay warm
17. developed a bad habit of speaking in a southern accent
18. continued my favorite habit of speaking in a british accent
19. committed to more piano jobs than I can fulfill
20. found my theme song for people that bother me
and last but not least....
21. taken 24 TESTS since August 26th

1 comment:

Lys said...

I'm stealing that blanket back. You stole my princess one without asking, so I'm taking the electric. HA.