Sunday, July 5, 2009

Back In Business!

I'm back! And tan! Just fyi, I have been in Ghana for the past month volunteering in an orphanage. We'll start at the beginning and I'll show you pictures, k?
Leavin' my hometown

Playing cards in Minneapolis:

Flying out of Amsterdam:

Flying over Paris:

My African sunset:

This is how we drank water. Tap water is not safe, so we got bags with 500 ml of purified water in them. Quite convenient! You just bite off the corner and drink away!

Our first dance par-tay

Our toilets. On one side we had what we fondly refer to as the "present". On the other, the "teardrop". Here is a fun story: the stuff leaking out the bottom of the present? Thats not water....

Our shower: kind of revealing

So here is how it started. We flew into Accra, Ghana and were picked up by two very black men who put us in a TroTro (a really crowded mini-van). About 10 minutes into the drive, we were stopped by a police checkpoint that almost wouldn't let us through because we were so many white people (6 of us plus 4 black men). After the checkpoint, we made it to the volunteer house which is where we stayed for a few days before we went up north to Nkwanta, which is where we stayed for a month. The toilet/shower pictures are from our house in Nkwanta.


Amanda said...

love this post but i'm dying to hear/see more!! I'm gone until the 17th but after that we are having a good long marathon style chat :)

TJ said...

Jenna is soooo tan. I've been the most tan member of the family for a long time, since I spend over an hour in the sun every morning...but she passed me up. It's quite lovely with that blonde hair.