Sunday, March 29, 2009

Festival of Colors

Ra-dha Krish-na Ra-dha Krish-na! I went to the Festival of Colors of the most fun days of my life! I didn't get too colorful because we got there a little late, but boy was it hazy and fun!
Let me tell you about Holi. It is celebrated by the Hindu religion, and the part that we went to included buy bags of colored powder and throwing them at anyone and everyone. There were thousands of people, no parking, and way too many hippies, but hey....quite an event to remember. Definitely going next year!

This is what it looks like when someone throws a handful of powder: POOF PINK

This was my hair after the whole ordeal:


Tae said...

Wow!!!!! That looks so so so so so fun! Next year, you should take me.

Anonymous said...

Nobody knows how to have fun like Jenna. You said pink was your fav....what the heck is wrong with yellow?

k8 said...

YAY! that was fun and we weren't even high!(how do you spell high when you mean high as in HIGH? Wow you were right I think I do have hug-o-phobia!

Bri said...

Fun...I've always wanted to do that but never go around to it. Oh well. Glad you had fun.