Saturday, November 29, 2008


I love Thanksgiving. This year, I got to be a major part of the cooking process: I was in charge of the veggies....yumm-o!
Orange-Ginger Carrots:
Sesame Seed Green Beans:

And an All-Time Family Fave, Brussel Sprouts:
After all of these wonderful things, the thing I hate about Thanksgiving: Clean up.

Thank goodness for family members!


damaged08 said...

those orange ginger carrots look awesome i wanna find that recipe.FYI,you can get an FBI cap at most army navy stores,i saw one today.

Anonymous said...

Eeeeew I'd rather do the dishes than eat vegetables! I HAVE A PLAN! next time I have to eat vegetables I'll just call you over to my place and you can eat them for me! then when you need someone to do the dishes you can always give me a call, I won't answer, but you can call anyways!