Saturday, June 28, 2008

The History of our Sistery

My older sister and I are so close we are practically sisters. Oh wait... Anyway, when my older sister and I were younger, we would always unite around Christmas and swap knowledge. One time it went something like this:

Bri: I know two things you are getting and two things I am getting.

Me: I know two things you are getting and one thing I am getting. You go first.

Bri: Okay. I am getting pants, blue jeans. And pants, coral pink. You are getting pants, blue jeans. And a scrapbook kit.

Me: Okay cool. I know you are getting pants, blue jeans. And pants, coral pink

(Ha ha i schnookered her)

Bri: HEY!

And that was the end of the conversation. She was mad of course because I outsmarted her.

To give this story a point, one time several years later, Bri was in some serious pain so my parents were going to take her to the ER. Being the fashonista that she was, she felt it necessary to change her clothes so that she would look good for all the nurses in scrubs. However, she didn't want any old pair of jeans, she wanted her coral pink pants. She tried in vain to explain what pants she wanted to both of my parents but they didn't understand, so she turned to faithful old me. Simply put, she said (and I quote) "Pants. Coral pink."

We both smirked and I ran downstairs and found her beloved pants.

This is the connection that she and I have. Here we are..what more need I say?


Bri said...

Ok ok...I read this a long time ago but didn't have time to comment and then I just remembered that I didn't comment yet. :)

Anyway, I was about to die of laughter after reading this. You have a way with words, girl (oh, ya, and you're just hilarious all the time anyways). Keep the good times coming!

Anonymous said...

That word that starts with a s, is so funny.I wish I know how to say it cause then I would!

Michelle said...

hehe, I love sisters. I'm super close with mine too and it's so much fun. Thanks for sharing this story...