Saturday, February 20, 2010

Still Not Sure

I have had them since before Christmas. They are my bangs. I still am not sure whether I love them or not. So I decided to blog and get opinions. However, there was a problem. Here are the facts:
1. New camera at Jenna's apartment
2. Manual at Jenna's parent's house
3. Spanish manual at Jenna's apartment
4. Jenna happens to know Spanish
5. Jenna reads through Spanish manual and learns how to do the timer
6. Jenna has focus issues
7. Jenna's bangs have a little hissy fit
8. Jenna gets frustrated
9. Perfect bangs shot...weirdy face
10. Jenna has HUGE eyes
Anyways....Keep the bangs? Or stick with the open forehead look? (see picture below)


TJ said...

Jenna is cool. Jenna is funny. Jenna takes good pictures. Can't decide about Jenna's bangs.

TJ said...

...and if only you had stuck out your tongue on "Jenna has big eyes" it would have been a remake of when you were a baby...

Em said...

Love the bangs! Keep them!

Amanda said...

Jenna can't look bad even if she tries. I vote you keep then and maybe not so much tapering on the sides. :) I just got my bangs back too.

Lys said...

You're right. This was a good-un. Pretty durn hilarious if ya ask me.
And the bangs? I just know they're a hassle to grow out, so keep em, I say.

Joliene said...

keep 'em

Tae said...

I like the bangs a ton! I don't know about the different ways bangs can be a hassle, but I am sure I will know when I am older and I have them myself.