Wednesday, February 4, 2009

All Eyes on Me in the Center of the Ring

At the circus, you MUST buy cotton candy. Don't worry, we did.

Dippin' Dots are also a must.

Here we have what I like to call a "rope girl"

This next guy is on the "Wheel of Destiny". I didn't even know there was one of those. Anyway, it was cool, and it spun around and the guy tried to jump rope on top, but he kept tripping and almost dying. So, we will leave him to someone a little more alive.
This guy! This is Asanti. He stacked 8 chairs on 4 wine bottles on a really tall stool. I was pretty was pretty wobbly and he didn't even have a harness on. Everyone should love Asanti. He has talent.

"Slinky Girls". They are each holding like 20 hula-hoops and throwing them around their bodies. They amaze me.

Normally I dislike poodles. However, when they are puppies and they are blue and pink and they dance with each other, I can't help but want one
This poodle can ride a scooter.
Men in tights sliding down really thick red ribbons. It was way cool. Kinda Cirque-De-Soleil -ish

Young boy balancing a flaming sword with his mouth. Very impressive

Tiger jumping through fire. I heart tigers.
The whole gang of tigers/lions.
The "World of Death" is what it is called. Three men on motercycles (I actually think they were dirt bikes).

Elephants. I LOVE LOVE LOVE elephants.

And one final picture to burn into your memory:

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Lys said...

oh man--i'm so jealous that you got to go to the circus, but i'm glad ya had fun. :)